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Jordyn Kraemer

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Chase Wild Hearts is a movement

I wanted to share the stories of the inspiring women who I've had the privilege of meeting along my own journey of self discovery. These women were breaking free from the societal expectations/pressures of a women's life. It was evident to me that living your dream life and doing what you love is possible.

As a lover of podcasts, I could think of no better medium. So I purchased some recording equipment and began to speak to some of the most inspiring women I've ever known. They were building their own businesses, brands, traveling the world and living life on their own terms. The pursuit of a dream life is never easy and not for the faint of heart. These women share how they kept pushing forward even with side hustles, cultivating skills, nurturing relationships, practicing self-love and spirituality all with grit and grace.

Chase Wild Hearts features women who will share how they pursue their dream lives and redefine the definition of what a successful life looks like.