Cherie on Prioritizing Joy to Unleash Your Higher Self and Living The Life You Were Meant To.

Cherie helps corporate leaders and entrepreneurs change the world and enjoy the ride - because the ones who know how to ride are the ones who will change the world. She helps them own who they truly are and what they’re here to do so they can create solutions and workplaces that solve the world’s biggest problems. The Founder of One Woman Effect, Bring it Group and The Luminaries, Cherie gives leaders and organizations the tools to become their highest selves, go after everything they’ve ever wanted and work together like never before. Her number one strategy is pure joy. It’s the secret to our true potential in every area of life.


Welcome to Chase Wild Hearts

I wanted to share the stories of the inspiring women who I've had the privilege of meeting along my own journey of self discovery. These women were breaking free from the societal expectations/pressures of a women's life. It was evident to me that living your dream life and doing what you love is possible.