Jamela Acheampong

Having been raised overseas as a third culture kid, diversity has always been an important factor for Jamela. She attended boarding school on the east coast, then went on to pursue a B.A. in economics from the University of Southern California and a Masters Degree in Finance & Accounting from Kingston University in England. She started Kahmune shortly after when she noticed a gap in the market for skin tone products for dark skinned women such as herself. Having spent the majority of her childhood overseas in the Middle East, it is this international experience that Jamela cites as the reason she is so passionate about diversity and inclusion. With no formal background in fashion design, she credits her desire to fill a much needed gap in the market and life long love of fashion as driving factors in her quest to create change in the industry.


Welcome to Chase Wild Hearts

I wanted to share the stories of the inspiring women who I've had the privilege of meeting along my own journey of self discovery. These women were breaking free from the societal expectations/pressures of a women's life. It was evident to me that living your dream life and doing what you love is possible.